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Founded in 2008, the NGO InMaLanka acts in priority with the poorest population of South India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Its actions focuses on supporting education, nutrition and local development.

We invite you to follow all the news of the NGO on its blog! You will find here the missions in the field as well as the news of the NGO in Paris, France.



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29 juin 2011 3 29 /06 /juin /2011 14:21

Since June 24th, I am in Calcutta for InMaLanka and I stay here two months. Although I have not been able to fully discover the city, my first impressions are that Calcutta is a city living at high speed and in the maelstrom of modernity. The West Bengal has indeed two faces. On the one hand, there is this gigantic capital, economic and cultural center, and on the other hand, a bit further, places where efforts for development need to be made. This is the case of the Sundarbans, a region of magroves, 90 km away from the city, in which InMaLanka is working with its Indian partner Mukti. 


My first stay in the Sundarbans was on Sunday, June 26th. With members of Mukti, we went to the village of Purbasridherpur, the birthplace of Sankar Halder, founder of Mukti. To get there, the trip lasted nearly five hours through chaotic roads. There were two steps. First, the Mukti's programm entitled "Book Bank":  55 students received political science, English and Bengalibooks for the next 2 years. This year nearly 4500 children are beneficiaries of the program. 

Then came a meeting with villagers to monitor the program "Lightning has one billion lives". Sixty sunlamps are available in order to prevent their use of kerosene lamps, harmful and responsible for respiratory problems. The villagers approve the system of solar lights. They allow them not only to save money but also to continue domestic work in the evening, which promotes a better division of labor on a daily basis. 


It is very interesting for me to see small improvements everyday have such effects. The next weekend, I will go to Kakdwip and begin my field survey about the medical needs of the population, especially women.



Kolkata, June 27th

Aurélie Bezault

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14 juin 2011 2 14 /06 /juin /2011 21:41

Aurélie, student in international relations, will take off to Kolkata, India, on June 23rd.

Hosted by our partner Mukti-India, she will make a two months internship within the "India Desk" of InMaLanka.

For her second trip to India, she will aim to realize a field survey on women health access in Sunderbans area. This survey is conducting after a first approach on this thema made by our team in 2010. It aims to assess needs in order to establish a mobile clinic in an area very ill-served by medical facilities.

A part of her internship will take place in Andhra Pradesh, in compagny of Mukti for Social Development coordinator, where she will meet the team of Desire India to continue to establish education acces programs for tribes population. 

We invite you to keep watching at the blog where Aurelie will intervene regularly. 

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14 mai 2011 6 14 /05 /mai /2011 14:12

Food insecurity in African countries is a well known issue. The main causes of vulnerability lie in the continuity of climate disruption, high rates of poverty, lack of infrastructure and appropriate policies, not to mention wars and political crises.


Although Madagascar has no real war, but it undeniably suffered from serious problems like all other African countries. The political crisis, that Madagascar endures since two years now, particularly obscures other issues and diverts the attention of the International Community. This year was particularly difficult for the Malagasy population. The drought combined with cyclones have severely affected not less than 53 municipalities. These have subsequently suffered from severe food shortages. The risk remains high whereas neither hurricane seasonnor hunger gap are finished yet.Thesituationis particularlycritical inthesouthern partof the countrywheredroughtandlanddesertificationareendemic problems.


The population, unable to find a solution to climatic and economic vagaries or even eat properly, often ingest plants considered as toxic as the "Raketa", the fruit of a cactus, which can cause serious digestive problems. Population even comes to eat seeds thus making their future even more uncertain. This is the situation in different parts of the island where the uncertainty of survival is the daily bread of the Malagasy people. The political crisis do not benefit to the population. The coup d’état in March 2009 of the current self-proclaimed president of the HTA (high transitional authority), Andry Rajoelina,caused the immediate suspension of all development assistance.


The current situationconfined in many case during in between crops and hurricanes periodsis a seriousproblem andcouldbe transformed soonintoastructuralfood problem. Over 70% of Malagasy live below the poverty line. The highest rate of poverty lies in the south where most people depend on subsistence farming.


Soaring food prices certainly does not help and price control policies have not produced the results promised by politicians. The country is isolated. It suffered from an embarrassing silence and unloading of responsibility difficult to accept. Madagascar is completely frezzed politically and economically. The social situation is tense while the environmental situation is alarming.


Not acting today will have serious consequences for the future.


InMaLanka urges the International Communitytorealizethe politicalinstabilitythat has already lasted sincetwo years. TheWorldBank reportpublishedon March 14th2011, clearly showsthatthehumanitarian emergency help is notmanagedefficiently. Thus, thepoverty ratehas increased by9% compared to2005despitethe$ 260 millionreleasedin 2010. The resolution of thiscrisisdeservesanothertype ofpolicyof developmentandnotby closingthefundingtapsthat causeisolationanddestructionofthe social network. Corruptionis plaguing theMalagasy administrationand is clearly involved in this disaster and is reinforced by this political transition.Thus, the resultof the corruptionperceptionindex(CPI) in 2010, presentedby TransparencyInternational,isof 2.6which is a decreasecomparedto 2008(3.4).



Mostof public areas are affected by this blight. According to Faly Rabetrano, Director of independent anti-corruption organisation, "the decentralized authority or municipality, the justice, the police and the public services, are the tops five of the most corrupt State agencies"1. But time is taking its course on the island and the Malagasy people suffers every day from the greedy control of power.

But, for how long?


Fabrizio De Angeli



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12 mai 2011 4 12 /05 /mai /2011 22:57

Do not miss the next newsletter illustrated by Marty.

To receive it, please suscribe to the mailing list, section Newsletter (on the left column of the blog).

Or contact us by email to welcome@inmalanka.org

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1 avril 2011 5 01 /04 /avril /2011 23:30

Now you can follow a thread of all InMaLanka's facebook and twitter news on Jumo. You can connect yourself with your facebook id or by opening an account on Jumo.



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1 avril 2011 5 01 /04 /avril /2011 23:15

InMaLanka is setting up a partnership with a Malagasy NGO. The organisation offers a logistical support thanks to the provision of necessy tools in order to settle a cooperation to development plan. Based on the reintroduction of a local agriculture, this program aims at a complete tranfer of competences in order to give to the beneficiaries a total autonomy.

The Malagasy countrysides are often deserted by the masculine labour and need to be rebuild in order to prevent the big companies to monopolize the lands. The rural depopulation in developing nations is a real blight which deeply endanger the development of local agriculture. The local economy irremediably suffers from this problem. Thus, thanks to this cooperation plan, beneficiaries will participate to the development of their economy and won’t be dependant anymore of the international help which is already extremely limited in Madagascar.

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8 mars 2011 2 08 /03 /mars /2011 20:15

InMaLanka thanks the Swiss NGO "SOS pour un monde meilleur" as well as the students of its school whose support has enable the distribution of 846 glasses of milk for Kegalle's orphanage.

To find out news of "SOS pour un monde meilleur" we invite you to join them on their Facebook page http://fr-fr.facebook.com/pages/ONG-SOS-pour-un-monde-meilleur/100761849989225


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16 février 2011 3 16 /02 /février /2011 17:49

Because of the torrential rain that violently fell on Sri Lanka in December 2010 and provoked destructive floods, the population there is having a bad time. However, that is the moment InMaLanka chooses to invite you to have a good time. You are welcome to a concert organised by the association on Thursday, March 10th 2011, from 8 pm and 11 pm, in the friendly atmosphere of the Abracadabar.


Why? Because it is thanks to your participation that we will have the necessary funds for emergency programmes destined to the people who have suffered from the floods in Sri Lanka.


The programme of the night? To begin with, we will have sweet melodies and reassuring texts on sounds of dancehall, slam and reggae with SEBSEB. Then the group HEKAMIAH will sing their committed texts about the quirks of our society, on rock rhythms inspired by Noir Désir, Berrurier Noir, Nirvana, and No One Is Innocent, among others. As usual, all the money earned by the admission charge will be given to the NGO in order to finance its programmes in Sri Lanka, in India, and in Madagascar. So, come with all your friends for the good sound and for a good cause!



Concert - March, 10th


8 pm: SebSeb - http://www.myspace.com/originalsebseb - www.bossman.fr

9.30 pm: Hekamiah - http://www.myspace.com/groupehekamiah -



Address: Abracadabar, 123 av Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris

Metro Laumière or Jaurès – bus n°60

Admission charge at 5€, given to the NGO

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2 février 2011 3 02 /02 /février /2011 15:25

Through InMaLanka, the family Labry,  in Dubaihas visited the orphanage on December 26th.

 They brought to the orphanage 200kg of rice, some tea, sugar, biscuits, bread and sweets, some skirts, t-shirts, 45 pairs of slipers and nearly sixty panties. These purchases were made on their behalf at a local level. They also have brought a bag of games and clothes from Dubai





Photo: S.Labry

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29 janvier 2011 6 29 /01 /janvier /2011 03:21

After years of conflict and the tsunami of 2004, sri lankan are now the victims of devastating floods. 

Since December 2010, torrential rains swept across Sri Lanka. At the worst moment of floods nearly a million people were affected and nearly 250 kilometers of coastline flooded. 

Today, families are returned to their home. But, they often lost everything: kitchen utensils, mattresses, clothes, toys and school books ... and houses are in ruins. 

UNICEF estimates that 66,000 wells have been contaminated by flooding, leading to an increase risk of illnesses related to water.

Mostly fishermen or farmers, their livelihoods have been destroyed: fishing equipment and crops have been damaged. According to the UN, agricultural production has been severely damaged, causing increased food insecurity. The World Food Programme (WFP) estimates that about 500,000 people are victims of floods. In addition, a rise in malnutrition among children is a concern.

Many children are cut off from the school system: school supplies and furniture were damaged. 

Given the urgency faced by many inhabitants of the island, InMaLanka decided to intervene in the center of the island by distributing hygiene kits (towels, soap products ....), basic products and milk powder for children.

To carry out this action, we need you! Even a small donation can help!

Feel free to contact us by email to welcome@inmalanka.org for more information.

If you wish to donate, thank you address to the Paris-order InMaLanka

22 bis, rue Saint Fargeau

75020 Paris


If you are currently in Sri Lanka and wanted to make a donation, thank you email us, we will put you in touch with our coordinator who is responsible for a harvest of field equipment. 


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