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Founded in 2008, the NGO InMaLanka acts in priority with the poorest population of South India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Its actions focuses on supporting education, nutrition and local development.

We invite you to follow all the news of the NGO on its blog! You will find here the missions in the field as well as the news of the NGO in Paris, France.



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25 janvier 2010 1 25 /01 /janvier /2010 12:06
Do not miss our Paris events and activites calendar, some news about our programs and the most important part news about Sri Lanka and India.

For those of you who do not receive it yet, you can suscribe on the homepage of our blog!

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28 décembre 2009 1 28 /12 /décembre /2009 13:57
Hello Everyone!
We wish you a happy end of the year and a happy New Year 2010
InMaLanka's Team
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14 novembre 2009 6 14 /11 /novembre /2009 10:35
Winter is coming and what is better than to be warm up with a good glass, in a good bar, with good music and for a good cause???

InMaLanka comes back in fettle with a new concerts show event in the Abracadabarr! On Thursday, December 10th, two bands full of energy and melody, a display stand of the NGO......and good vibes from the public!

8:30 pm: Animal Kraft: independant / folk song / garage

9:15 pm: Nomades Orkestra: folk rock / flamenco / electronics

If as me, you understand nothing in the music styles, just come to listen them! And if you understand, come to verify if it is what you thought!

Price: 3 quite small euro put back to the NGO

123 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris
Métro: Laumière (line 5), Ourcq (line 5)
Bus: 60


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28 octobre 2009 3 28 /10 /octobre /2009 02:54
Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education

By 2015, children everywhere - boys and girls alike - will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.

In 2006, 73 million children was not attending school. The enrollment increases when fees are abolished.

Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women

Target 1:
Eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education

  •  In India, for the Little Angels' School there are no school fees. InMaLanka and Desire India are trying to cater for girls and boys in equal numbers.
  • In Sri Lanka, all children of the orphanage  are going to school for free

Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability

Target 3: Halve, by 2015, the proportion of  the population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation.

  • InMaLanka put in place a program of access to running safe drinking water for the orphanage in Kegalle, Sri Lanka.
  • In India, the Little Angels' School has access to piped drinking water.

MDG UN website
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25 septembre 2009 5 25 /09 /septembre /2009 17:23
Because it is still the indian summer in France, we invite you all to listen the resonances of the french group «La conscience de Jack», subtle combination of gipsy jazz and text songs, followed by the electro sounds of John Merrick!
You are welcome between 8:30 pm to the end of the night, October 1st, 2009 at Abracadabar 123, avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris
The entry fees will be 3 euros and drinks will be sold at a really reasonable price!

The totality of the entry fees will be donated to the NGO InMaLanka for its sri lankan and indian's programs.

See you there!
InMaLanka's Team



How reach the place?

123, avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris
M° Laumière ou Ourcq (ligne 5) Bus 60 et Noctambus E
Jean Jaurès Avenue joins Place Stalingrad from Porte de Pantin

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25 septembre 2009 5 25 /09 /septembre /2009 16:48

A final meeting with G. Israel our partner, chairman of Desire India, has closured our mission in India.
We confirmed the issues raised at our last meeting regarding the school. Our partner is currently awaiting government approval in order to build a new facility which will host the children out of kindergarten.
The folders of new students are in preparation and there are still small children who are awaiting their godfather!

Little Angels' School program includes food, free education and medical care for all children and special attention is given to economic situation of families and thus a support to the most disadvantaged ones.
Children in school are mostly from families of very low castes and from different states. This program lets the parents, and especially the mothers, to be free the day without worrying about the safety of their children and so can find a regular job.
All program details are available by clicking on this link: The Little Angel School

For more information or if you want to sponsor a child thank you to contact us at welcome@inmalanka.org or by phone at (00) (33) (0) 6 20 28 68 50.

The mission of this summer ends and we thank you for having followed us.
See you really soon on the blog for the news!

InMaLanka's Team

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25 septembre 2009 5 25 /09 /septembre /2009 16:47

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25 septembre 2009 5 25 /09 /septembre /2009 16:45

Saturday, July 11th, meeting with the staff of the girl's orphanage of Kegalle, Sri Lanka, with whom Buddhima, coordinator of activities in Sri Lanka, had an initial contact in May.
This interview allowed us to establish a closer relationship between our two teams and set some programs on this place.

The orphanage currently accommodates 29 young girls aged 4 to 18 years, supervised by a 7 persons team. They are all going to school and are healthy. They have a maths and english tution every week. Girls are going at the same school, located to 3.5 kilometers  far from the orphanage.
There are many needs there, starting with the food. Indeed, the food supply is running on a system of grants and when the surrounding villagers can not provide it, it runs out. Problem particularly important in this period of crisis where food prices have doubled or even tripled for some goods. Therefore we decided to establish a program consisting of intake of food basis monthly (rice, milk powder, oil ....).
Milk powder and 150kg of rice, corresponding to the base of 1'740 meals and 2'400 glasses of milk, enough food for a month, were brought during our visit. Buddhima take care to make these same purchases every month.
We are currently investigating the possibility of creating a kitchen garden to ensure the food security of the orphanage, the garden is already supplied with fruit.

Another important point is the water. Indeed, the place is connected to a water point but the pump system is not powerful enough. To wash the children have to go to take water from a well who is quite far and have to take the shower out with their clothes. It seems urgent to provide an engine powerful enough to allow a supply of running water and build an enclosure for the children to wash in privacy. The electrical system is very damaged and must be given to safety standards soon.
In terms of personal development, we think about organize music classes and do two trips a year on cultural sites or organize competitions in literature and drawing.

To answer to all these needs we will launch a nutrition and education program and apply for grants for more specific actions such as construction of the bathroom or purchase of school shoes.

Almost all missing here, so we also rely on your generosity.
Keep in mind that here one euro buys 2 kg and a half of rice and every gesture, even a very small one, means a lot!

For more information, you can contact us by email at
welcome@inmalanka.org or at (00) (33) (0) 6 20 28 68 50. 
If you want to send us donations, thank you to use checks endorsable in France and make your checks payable to InMaLanka Paris and send them to
22bis, rue Saint - Fargeau
75020 Paris
Otherwise please contact us!

Thank you for following us!
See you soon
InMaLanka's Team

August, 8th

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25 septembre 2009 5 25 /09 /septembre /2009 16:44

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25 septembre 2009 5 25 /09 /septembre /2009 16:35

Desire India and InMaLanka met eachother on July 10th at the annual meeting between the two NGOs.
Several points were discussed as the possible opening of a primary school to welcome the children after the kindergarten.
Little Angel School welcomes 76 children and InMaLanka is always looking for godfathers for these children.
For details of the program please click here: Little Angels' School
If you want more info you can contact us at welcome@inmalanka.org or at (00 ) (33) (0) 6 20 28 68 50

July 15th, 2009


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