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Founded in 2008, the NGO InMaLanka acts in priority with the poorest population of South India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Its actions focuses on supporting education, nutrition and local development.

We invite you to follow all the news of the NGO on its blog! You will find here the missions in the field as well as the news of the NGO in Paris, France.



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20 janvier 2011 4 20 /01 /janvier /2011 16:10

Our new newsletter has just come out. You can read extracts from it below. To receive the full texts of all our futur newsletters, you just have to write you email adress in the box "Newsletter" of our blog.


Newsletter n°4 

December 2010



Our actions on the ground ****************************************************************


The region of Sunderbans in West Bengal Spending a few months in Kolkata and in the Sunderbans enabled the team of InMaLanka to explore the region and to become aware of the problems that the inhabitants of the rural areas have to cope with. The Sunderbans are an ecosystem that is unique in the world. It provides a habitat for the last tigers of Bengal and is one of the most important areas of mangrove swamps. Nevertheless, the beauty of the region is threatened by the rise in the water level but also by its location in the middle of a cyclone area. In May 2009, cyclone Laila destroyed the region, leaving behind it landscapes of desolation, and made the land salted so that it has now become unfarmable. The villages are very remote and to go there from Kolkata, you need thus to take the train, then the boat and then to walk. Sanitation, hydraulics and electricity lack awfully. That is why InMaLanka plans to create a mobile hospital to go to the most remote villages and as well to put in place a programme of solar energy. That project will unable the villagers to rent out rechargeable solar lamps at the same price than the kerosene lamps that they use today. By replacing their lamps, the villagers will have more lights, they will respect the environment, and furthermore, they will protect their eyes and their lungs.

Writing: Blanche Mattern

Translation: Jodie Cazau

In July 2010, InMaLanka went to Tamil Nadu to visit its partner Desire India That visit was the occasion to discuss the evolution of the partnership with Desire India. As we have decided last year during our annual meeting, we want to extend the Little Angels’ School by building a primary school. The project is still under way but the laws on construction have become more restrictive, that is why we are still waiting for the authorizations. During the meeting, we also talked about the pupils and their attendance. Some of the children have left the school this year. As a consequence, both partners have decided to reinforce the support to the families and the follow-up of their conditions of life so that fewer children leave school.

Writing: Margot Durin 

Translation: Jodie Cazau


Our events in Paris************************************************************************

Open forum of the associations of the 20th arrondissement InMaLanka was present at one of the 240 stands put in place on Pyrenees Street for all day on Saturday, September 18th. As the other associations, we were there to make you discover our social and international commitment as well as the actions we have been putting in place for two years.

Writing: Jodie Cazau

Translation: Jodie Cazau

Our news from India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar******************************************

Sri Lanka – The project of a United Nations’ investigation is a source of debate Sri Lanka is drawing everybody’s attention those weeks because it has reacted with hostility and indignation to the will of the United Nations to create an International Investigation Committee. The latter will have to assess the actions of Rajapakse’s army during the last stage of the civil war in the 2009 spring.

Writing: Jodie Cazau

Translation: Jodie Cazau

Madagascar – Towards a positive transition? Waiting the occasion to be elected, the self designated president Andry Rajoelina announced on last October 20th, by the intermediary of the president of the High Authority of Transition, the opening of State shops. Only the poorest families (around 500 000) will have the right to buy vital commodities at very low prices.

Writing: Adeline Dechaume

Translation: Jodie Cazau



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18 janvier 2011 2 18 /01 /janvier /2011 15:35

In 2011, good resolution rimes with good action. So let’s start this new year together with a first good resolution: to come and applause the music groups PEANUT and THE RACCOON MANEUVER who will play for the association INMALANKA at the Abracadabar.

Influenced by diverse musical styles from hardcore to flamenco, and also French song, PEANUT has a pop style that mixes melody and brass band. Its two musicians will make you vibrate with the sound of their guitars and their voices. Concerning the unique style of the three boys of the group THE RACCOON MANEUVER, it is definitely “Raccoon Roll” and will electrify the amateurs of the kind.

Rock or Pop? Pop or Rock? Why choosing? Since you will have both if you come and support our first concert of the year. For the other good resolutions of 2011, we leave you… the choice of the actions.



20h concert of The Raccoon Maneuver (http://www.myspace.com/theraccoonmaneuver)

21h30 concert of Peanut  (http://www.myspace.com/peanutforever)



Abracadabar 123, avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris

Metro Laumière or Jaurès – Bus n°60


Admission charge at 5€, given to the NGO

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7 décembre 2010 2 07 /12 /décembre /2010 20:15

Here comes the winter and Christmas will arrive soon, so it’s time for presents! Father Christmas has a lot to do to honour his orders and satisfy everybody. In the meanwhile, you, who are rushing and shopping, relax, take the time to open the ABRACADABAR’s doors and adopt the Rock’n Christmas attitude.


Because tonight, in a festive and friendly atmosphere, the band GOBZ brings the spirit of Christmas to the ABRACADABAR. After two albums and two tours, this Parisian Rock band defines itself as satirical, having a vision of the world that is sometimes sweet and naïve, sometimes really cynical.


So come and join us to have a drink, to listen to GOBZ’s music and to support the actions of the association INMALANKA in India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Because this year, at the ABRACADABAR, YOU are Father Christmas!!!


Concert - December, 23rd, 2009

Programme :

20h concert of Gobz (http://www.gobz.fr/)


Address :

Abracadabar 123 av Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris

Metro Laumière or Jaurès – Bus n°60


Admission charge at 5€, given to the NGO

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29 novembre 2010 1 29 /11 /novembre /2010 19:48

During the week-end of Diwali, InMaLanka welcome M. Samitinjoy Pal, the president of the american NGO MSD and Mrs Gayatri Pal, the secretary of MSD.


The two teams met several times during the week-end:

  • on an informal way, on Saturday night: we gathered for an exhibition of pictures realized for celebrating the 80th birthday of the Gandhi salt walk (or International Walk for Justice and Freedom)

  • on an official way, on Sunday morning, around a French breakfast

This last meeting allowed us to speak about issues in rural areas like health and education access as well as alimentation issues.

We could also precise our objectives regarding some programmes being currently under progress like the mobile health center or the nutritional programme for the Night Schools’ children…


All InMaLanka's team thank MSD for visiting us in Paris


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13 novembre 2010 6 13 /11 /novembre /2010 21:05

InMaLanka could visit the Akany Avoko NGO’s center, located in the North-West of Antananarivo. After several visits in the center, InMaLanka was given the opportunity to follow for one day the NGO’s welfare officer while she was visiting families whose children benefit from the project. This working day was important for InMaLanka because it allowed us to confront the diverse local realities.

InMaLanka could also attend some activities carried out by another local NGO, “Graines de Bitumes”. In one of the two centers owned by this NGO and located at Ampasanisadoda, different activities linked with school support are carried out to provide help for vulnerable children. “Graine de Bitumes” consistently works with and for young kids and teenagers who are obliged to beg or to accept temporary jobs for earning their living, despite an unsecured context in the streets of Antananarivo. 240 people aged from 5 to 22 years old, benefit from the project (110 under “Graines1” and 130 under “Graines2”). During a whole morning, InMaLanka participated to the NGO’s activities by notably attending a lesson for school stiffening. This very enriching moment allowed us to be in contact with the children and their reality.

During the lastdays, InMaLanka visited Dieudonné ‘s center, which is located in Mandroseza village, South-Est of Antananarivo. Created about 10 years ago, this center is worth being taken into consideration because of the relevance of its actions that really fit the local context. It is not an NGO but a company created by Dieudonné. After several years of efforts and work with thecommunity, the company succeeded in creating a center where iron is salvaged and worked on by local men and women trained by the center. The initiative was completed without any foreign backer support and is therefore totally autonomous. A part of the project is linked with education since the worker’s children attend the school’s center lessons, near their parents. There is also a vegetable garden where local products are cultivated. Afterwards, these products are sold on the local market but also in Europe.


InMaLanka takes advantage of this article to thank all organisations named above for their availability and the opportunitydeepen the knowledge on their projects.


Fabrizio De Angeli, traduction Yoann Cancan


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12 octobre 2010 2 12 /10 /octobre /2010 22:32

Of course, eclectism is good for health and we should practice it regularly… but we don’t always have the opportunity to do so ! This time, you have the occasion to come and pratice eclectism with us… we give you a chance to listen to very different kinds of music, because after all, we are very different people and it does not stop us from listening to and helping each other.


As some of you know, InMaLanka launches projects to new horizons and a concert marked by diversity seems to come at the right time. We offer to you Brazilian rythmes, melodies of rock mixed with folk and to finish with, a duo of rap/hip-hop ! Not to disturb too much those who usually join us, we will still spend the evening in the confortable atmosphere of the Abracadabar.


Concert November, 4th, 2010Programme :

20h concert of Flavia Coelho (http://www.myspace.com/flaviafusion)

20h30 concert of TinToyz (http://www.tintoyz.fr/)

22h concert of La dernière mesure (http://www.myspace.com/dernieremesure)


Address :

Abracadabar 123 av Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris

Metro Laumière or Jaurès – Bus n°60


Admission charge at 5€, given to the NGO

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9 octobre 2010 6 09 /10 /octobre /2010 21:12

I have been in Madagascar for ten days now and is the time for a first feedback from the field. At the present, I am inquiring about Antananarivo (Tana) this very big city where there are so many contradictions, notably this incompatible trilogy between road traffic, car model and unbreathable air. Antananarivo is the back of a sleepy and dreamy dragon with twelve vertebrae: the hills of Tana. As every single myth figure, it does not let you without surprises. Every day, the situations are unexpected and different. The daily scenesare noisy markets, smiling people.


Sometimes, even those living there can not recognize it. The general situation (at least my vision after about ten days here) is rather complex and subtle. I could speak for hours about the help freeze by the international backers as well as the level of participation of the people to the country life that is the level of democracy. This word, so short and with so many applications, looses its very sense in this context, since most of the inhabitants are still analphabets. I shall also speak about the economic origins of the consequences which have visible effects on the civil society: unemployment for example, with all the things that accompany it, positive (redeployment as a peddler) as well as negative (immoral, sometimes illegal, actions like rose wooddealing, flour smuggling…). I shall tell the story of every Malagasy family, the tenacity of every single woman living in the street with her children, sometimes under one year old, near the urban traffic. I could also speak about the neglected children, the exploited one, the orphans and the religiously excluded children. I could speak about the women who earn their living not only for themselves but also for their four to five members family, and also of their sons, for whom begging is a mission; a (small) participation to face the family expenses, or also a financial contribution for the “famadihana” (a costly funeral ceremony).

And all those people may carry out these activities only as life evidence.

I could speak about all this and more, but still is the extent of the different issues (that I would not be able to describe entirely in this article).

What is the population awareness about children and mother in difficult situation in the institutions? And what does the society do? It seems that a part of the Antananarivo inhabitants is indifferent to the problems of the street children, or “Quat’mis”. Their answer is rejection, contempt or simple tolerance sometimes.

I want to tell you an anecdote (of course, I would not draw a generalization out of it but I think it is quite representative of the vision of some people about street children): I was sat on a bus, going to the center of the city. At a bus stop, a girl got on the bus and asked the passengers for money. My neighbor then imitated a gun with his dirty hands and aimed at her. The girl went out, as swept by his fickleness. With a look of satisfaction on his face, my neighbor turned to me and said something in Malagasy. I looked at him and asked him why he acted this way. He did not understand, maybe… I repeated my question and his face became gloomy. He looked down in shame, unsatisfied not to have found a partner for validating his disgraceful attitude.

Children (boys as well as girls) are employed for several works, from cart traction to mobile selling of newspaper or cigarettes. This is even considered as a way to learn the“real life”. Therefore, there are parents to criticize the education system since they find it too theoretical and think it will not give to their children the keys for succeeding in life. Children learn fast and they are less likely to oppose exploitation.

I am still analyzing certain aspects (since I have to consider the overall situation) but I feel as if a proportion of the population (only) makes proposals that can not be implemented since they are not directly concerned by the problem. In their view, only people working in this field, “experts” and NGO members should deal with that issue.

There is a broad network of NGO with diverse origins (public, catholic, local, foreign NGO). They work with and for the helpless and destitute people, as the street children and mothers. I am currently discovering their reality and trying to discern their approach, working methodology and philosophy.


Fabrizio De Angeli


Madagascar 4115-2web

Traduction: Yoann Cancan

Pictures: Fabrizio De Angeli

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4 octobre 2010 1 04 /10 /octobre /2010 13:51




Lunch Time


U.K.G. exams planning. In India every school conducts a quarterly exam week from nursery school





Outside of the house of one student



A student and his family behind their home

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3 octobre 2010 7 03 /10 /octobre /2010 14:07





Meeting with Israel, President of Desire India and Gayatri, secretary of Mukti for Social Development



Conversation between Israel and a tribe. In India, most of the tribes are facing the same issues as the dalits and the low castes.



Night School

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2 octobre 2010 6 02 /10 /octobre /2010 14:10


As a consequence of Cyclone Laila, a lot of children lost their school furniture resulting in reducing their hope to access a good education.

After realizing a report concerning the situation in the area and assessing the most urgent needs, InMaLanka decided to put in touch two of its NGO partners that are Mukti for Social Development (US) and Desire India (India). The aim was to conduct a programme for the children suffering from the cyclone consequences.


Within the scope of the Laila Emergency Relief fund project, the funding brought by Mukti for Social development allowed Desire India to have meetings with the children regarding natural catastrophes and to give 246 children school uniforms and furniture as well as a snack during the meetings.


DSC02881 (1)


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