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Founded in 2008, the NGO InMaLanka acts in priority with the poorest population of South India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Its actions focuses on supporting education, nutrition and local development.

We invite you to follow all the news of the NGO on its blog! You will find here the missions in the field as well as the news of the NGO in Paris, France.



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29 août 2013 4 29 /08 /août /2013 20:25

Hello everyone!

Over time, the building of Little Angels School has deteriorated. Monsoon rains, the cyclone of 2012 and the years caused some damages. Water infiltrations caused deteriorations on a school wall. Noting this damages, InMaLanka decided to undertake some work. So we repaired the damaged wall and we completely repainted the school.

We thank our donors who helped to make this work: the school Notre-Dame des Forges with the Rice Bowl operation, the sponsors of the Little Angels School, the donors of InMaLanka and the students of the Institute of Technology of Périgueux.

This summer being the season of changes for the school, the new desks and benches were bought for the LKG classroom! Before they were studying seated on chairs or on the floor, which is, as we know, very bad for the back. We are grateful to the staff and the children from the school Notre Dame des Forges who allowed us to provide this furnitures to the school.

As for me, my internship is over and I am back in France. I want to thank all InMaLanka's team for giving me the opportunity to make a very interesting internship at a professional level as well as at a personal one. 


See you soon!

Morgane Thominiaux


The school before the painting



The damage wall repaired



The school fully repainted!

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