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The blog

Founded in 2008, the NGO InMaLanka acts in priority with the poorest population of South India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Its actions focuses on supporting education, nutrition and local development.

We invite you to follow all the news of the NGO on its blog! You will find here the missions in the field as well as the news of the NGO in Paris, France.



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Top articles

  • Action carried out in India, Cyclone Laila

    02 octobre 2010 ( #India )

    As a consequence of Cyclone Laila, a lot of children lost their school furniture resulting in reducing their hope to access a good education. After realizing a report concerning the situation in the area and assessing the most urgent needs, InMaLanka...

  • Kegalle girls' orphanage

    25 septembre 2009 ( #Sri Lanka )

    Saturday, July 11th, meeting with the staff of the girl's orphanage of Kegalle, Sri Lanka, with whom Buddhima, coordinator of activities in Sri Lanka, had an initial contact in May. This interview allowed us to establish a closer relationship between...

  • Can you hear us??????? - December 10th, Abracadabar

    14 novembre 2009 ( #Event )

    Winter is coming and what is better than to be warm up with a good glass, in a good bar, with good music and for a good cause??? InMaLanka comes back in fettle with a new concerts show event in the Abracadabarr! On Thursday, December 10th, two bands full...

  • Little Angels' School Summer 2009

    25 septembre 2009 ( #India )

    Desire India and InMaLanka met eachother on July 10th at the annual meeting between the two NGOs. Several points were discussed as the possible opening of a primary school to welcome the children after the kindergarten. Little Angel School welcomes 76...

  • Beautiful days are coming soon (I hope)

    18 mai 2010 ( #Event )

    Flea market in Paris, 20th arrondissement - Saturday, June, 5th With a weather that will certainly (or at least maybe) be wonderful, it will undoubtfully be pleasant to wander in the area of Les Amandiers, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Each year,...

  • Open Forum, September 18th, Paris

    04 septembre 2010 ( #Event )

    From the garden of "Pavillon Carré de Baudouin" to the Place du Guignier and the Place des Grandes Rigoles, associations will take up the Pyrénées Street all the saturday 18th of September. Around 240 stands will made you discover their cultural and sporty...

  • Some news from Madagascar

    09 octobre 2010 ( #Madagascar )

    I have been in Madagascar for ten days now and is the time for a first feedback from the field. At the present, I am inquiring about Antananarivo (Tana) this very big city where there are so many contradictions, notably this incompatible trilogy between...

  • Eclectism is good for health

    12 octobre 2010 ( #Event )

    Of course, eclectism is good for health and we should practice it regularly… but we don’t always have the opportunity to do so ! This time, you have the occasion to come and pratice eclectism with us… we give you a chance to listen to very different kinds...

  • Solar Workshop - Andhra Pradesh

    22 août 2012 ( #India )

    InMaLanka has elaborated a program of access to light through solar energy. Photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof of the house of a solar entrepreneur in the village. Connected to junction boxes, they are used to load solar lanterns. Villagers...

  • Andhra Pradesh: Some new

    23 juillet 2012 ( #India )

    One of our regular followers Mr. Charles Mattern visit us and came to meet the villagers of southern Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Mattern and Mr. Israel, President of Desire India, talking with a villager Mr. Mattern with the villagers A villager with his flock...

  • Go Green Program at the Little Angels School

    31 août 2012 ( #India )

    Hello everyone! We are now living at the Little Angels School three days a week since two months. We set up there a household-waste sorting and recycling program including a compost and a vegetable garden. At the begining it was a difficult mission :...

  • Little Angels School: some news

    20 juillet 2012 ( #India )

    The annual day of the school was celebrated at the end of march. It was the occasion for the children to show us their talents! In April, edutainment notebooks were distributed to children thanks to the donation of Cécilia and Gilberte. The kids spent...

  • Health Camp in Andhra Pradesh, India

    30 novembre 2012 ( #India )

    In November 2012, several health camps had been conducted in Andhra Pradesh. On an initiative of InMaLanka and its local partner Desire India, health camps were held in Venumbakkam, Verat Nagar and Ramapuram. Two doctors assisted by nurses received in...

  • Back on our tutored project, by the students of Périgueux Institute

    03 mai 2013 ( #Event )

    Hello everyone, Students in Social Career: Urban Management and Tourism Development at the IUT Périgueux - Bordeaux I, we have had the opportunity, through a tutored project proposed by our institute, to work with the NGO InMaLanka. A tutored project...

  • Kegalle, December 2011

    02 février 2011 ( #Sri Lanka )

    Through InMaLanka , the family Labry, in Dubai , has visited the orphanage on December 26th . They brought to the orphanage 200kg of rice, some tea, sugar, biscuits, bread and sweets, some skirts, t-shirts, 45 pairs of slipers and nearly sixty panties....

  • The Show must go on!

    16 février 2011 ( #Event )

    Because of the torrential rain that violently fell on Sri Lanka in December 2010 and provoked destructive floods, the population there is having a bad time. However, that is the moment InMaLanka chooses to invite you to have a good time. You are welcome...

  • Aurélie's meetings in Sundarbans

    03 août 2011 ( #India )

    Sunday, July 31 , I am again with Bala in the Sundarbans . We had many interviews. First with a female member of the Panchayats Council in Kankandighi and then with the Panchayat of Nagendrapur . We talked about health infrastructure , access to water...

  • Aurélie's survey about medical needs and women trafficking

    03 août 2011 ( #India )

    On last thursday, July 28, it is with pleasure that I went to Sundarbans again, breath some fresh air and admire the greenery there. Along with Bala, a student who translated the Bengali for me, we went to Nagendrapur in the 24th district of Sundarbans...

  • First field visit of Aurelie (India, Sundarbans)

    29 juin 2011 ( #India )

    Since June 24th, I am in Calcutta for InMaLanka and I stay here two months. Although I have not been able to fully discover the city, my first impressions are that Calcutta is a city living at high speed and in the maelstrom of modernity. The West Bengal...

  • Field visits in South India

    23 août 2011 ( #India )

    My internship in India continued with a trip to the south, around the area of Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and in Andhra Pradesh. On behalf of InMaLanka and Mukti for Social Development, I had to visit several evening schools in the villages of dalits and tribal...

  • World Humanitarian Day

    19 août 2011 ( #Général )

    On December 11 th , 2008, the General Assembly of United Nations decided by the resolution 63/139 "to designate 19 August as World Humanitarian Day in order to contribute to increasing public awareness about humanitarian assistance activites worldwide...

  • Field Mission - 2012

    22 février 2012 ( #India )

    Hello, This will be the first post of a long serie relating my field mission as projet manager for InMaLanka in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Stéphane Martinez, drawer for InMaLanka is coming with me. For a period of one year, I will work on our partnership...

  • Become a Hero!

    26 avril 2012 ( #Event )

    You'd like to strech you legs for a good cause? No more hesitation! Join us at "La Course des Héros" and bring your support to InMaLanka! But.... What is "La Course des Héros"? "La Course des Héros" is a part of the european circuit of "Heroes Race",...

  • Andhra Pradesh: Field report

    18 juillet 2012 ( #India )

    Since february, I visited several times the districts of Nellore and Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh. Photo of maps in the school walls in Andhra Pradesh The maps are written in telougou, language of the State Andhra Pradesh is the second state from the bottom,...

  • Morgane and Ninon: internship

    30 juillet 2012 ( #India )

    Hello ! We are two students in first year of city planning and tourism development studies at the institute of technology, Périgueux (France). For our universitary cursus, we have to go abroad for an intership of 8 weeks. Here we are, from July, 3rd to...

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