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Founded in 2008, the NGO InMaLanka acts in priority with the poorest population of South India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Its actions focuses on supporting education, nutrition and local development.

We invite you to follow all the news of the NGO on its blog! You will find here the missions in the field as well as the news of the NGO in Paris, France.



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10 mai 2013 5 10 /05 /mai /2013 19:50

This year, InMaLanka goes again to the Heroes Race.

Since three years this race takes place in several parts of Europe at different times of the year. It brings together associations from diverse backgrounds and heroes, a lot of heroes. 
In France, it is organized by KCO and Alvarum.


But, who are these heroes?

They are women and men who are over-motivated and like to take up challenges. Each one is animated by her/his own motivations and they decide to support an association by running for it.
But.... before crossing the starting line, they must collect a minimum of 200 euros that will be donated to the association.


This year, Magali is our heroine! She decided to run for InMaLanka and has already collected 385 euros!
The support of Magali is not new. Indeed, the young women is supporting InMaLanka since few months: she is the sponsor of Kegalle orphanage, Sri Lanka, where InMaLanka is working on a food program.

Today, Magali is telling us her story. Do not hesitate to support her by spreading the information around you and by..... making a donation! Even the smallest donation is really welcome! And for french citizen, your donation is 66% tax-deductible!

You have till the date of the race that will be held on June 16th at Saint Cloud Park, Paris.

To access to the fundraising page (in french), it is here: Magali is a heroine! 


Here is the story of Magali! Thank you for your commitment!


"I am raising my five and a half years daughter alone. 
I often ask myself the question of the values that I am passing down in our superfast life where the work is taking very important place.

Through travels, I am trying to make her discover other lifestyles, other cultures.
For a long time I had the idea to support a humanitarian action: so I thought that it might be a beautiful common project on the long term. 

So I started looking on the web for sponsorships and NGOs.
Attracted by India, I focused my researches on this country and aimlessly of this research I discovered InMaLanka.

Blanche, the president, took time to answer my questions about her NGO.
Regarding my doubts about the individual sponsorship, she steered me to the sponsorship of project by talking to me about the actions at Kegalle orphanage. Indeed, the association was facing some difficulties to sustain it: so I became the sponsor of this orphanage.


In good physical condition but not really into sports, I started running last year to be able to accompany my daughter in her sports activities when she will be growing.
I also wanted to show her the importance of practicing a physical activity.

When I heard about the Heroes Race, I thought that it will be the perfect opportunity to give an additional support while giving myself over to my new "passion".

And my love for costumes did the rest !*"


*each year heroes are invited to dress up!

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