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Founded in 2008, the NGO InMaLanka acts in priority with the poorest population of South India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Its actions focuses on supporting education, nutrition and local development.

We invite you to follow all the news of the NGO on its blog! You will find here the missions in the field as well as the news of the NGO in Paris, France.



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12 avril 2013 5 12 /04 /avril /2013 00:38

2004, December 26th, a tsunami costs the lives of nearly 230,000 people.

In Sri Lanka, the second most affected country, more than 30,000 people died in the disaster.


Emmanuelle Roy, French visual artist, introduced this year an art workshop with children from affected families in Sri Lanka. Under the tutelage of InMaLanka and with the help of Buddhima Perera, coordinator for InMaLanka, a workshop about the ocean took place in a school in Galle. Children were invited to talk about the ocean, make drawings and statues and write a story on this topic. The same workshop will be held in France on the Atlantic coast. Exchange between the French and Sri Lankan children will occur later and everyone will be able to discover the vision of the other of the same element.





Feedback on the first part set up in Sri Lanka, by Emmanuelle Roy


I was pretty worried all day before my first speech, I can not imagine what awaited me. Buddhima had just told me there would be a group of about 30 children who were very eager to meet me, so I put me a little bit under pressure!




We went to the school for the first workshop with Julien, my husband, who was responsible for taking photos and was also quite curious to see me at work! Arrived at the school, the children were there with their parents. They looked as impressed as me, but after presentations done, some big smiles appears and it was much better! It was a bit strange to introduce my self in english with an interpreter! I brought with me some photos of Bordeaux and its surroundings to show to the children where I am living and what looks like the ocean to me. They were very curious, asked many questions, and we broke the ice easily.




Then came the time to start drawing. Children surprised me by their calm, their patience and application. Despite the language barrier, we managed to communicate pretty well. I was both far from home and very close to it. I found in them the same curiosity and the same desire that I can see in french children, perhaps sri lankan children were quieter! I was also surprised by many things: once again the patience of the children, the availability of young people who helped me to translate, the young apprentice monk who joined us to draw, the little calf who lay down in the classroom to take a nap and the iguana crossing the courtyard... all of that just reminded me that I was far from Bordeaux!




I was also impressed by the determination of all children and adults, and the gap with French comfort: some boards assembled in tables and benches, lights that work when they want, a building in the center of the court never finished and unusable, 8 years after the tsunami due to lack of money and availability of workers, while it does not prevent the school to continue to exist and children to learn. All of that sort our ideas out. And always smiles, from adults and children, and a profound respect for all and of everyone, I was really touched by the school and those who are making it live.












Note: A similar workshop will take place in France with children in 2013, after what the two groups will share their work.

Photo credit Emmanuelle Roy

Website of the artist: http://emmanuelleroy.ultra-book.com/

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2 novembre 2012 5 02 /11 /novembre /2012 17:46

Few days in Sri Lanka in the company of Buddhima, InMaLanka coordinator, allowed us to make a point with the Kegalle orphanage.


The orphanage that welcomes girls is supported by InMaLanka since 2008. The state provides a minimal allowance for each child from the orphanage (a few euro cents) and living conditions are difficult. The roof leaks and the funds allocated by the government are not sufficient to make the children eat every day. Donations from villagers and allowance from the government are sufficient only to provide 50% of the foods required. This is why InMaLanka will continue its supply of food.


Children and the school staff have made a small vegetable garden which will help to have fresh vegetables regularly.


With the support of the Swiss NGO SOS Pour Un Monde Meilleur and of Mrs Magali B., sponsor, InMaLanka brought 50kg of rice, 4kg of milk powder (about 200 glasses), and some biscuits for a snack with the kids.


Food supply are made regularly by InMaLanka coordinator, Buddhima.

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8 mars 2011 2 08 /03 /mars /2011 20:15

InMaLanka thanks the Swiss NGO "SOS pour un monde meilleur" as well as the students of its school whose support has enable the distribution of 846 glasses of milk for Kegalle's orphanage.

To find out news of "SOS pour un monde meilleur" we invite you to join them on their Facebook page http://fr-fr.facebook.com/pages/ONG-SOS-pour-un-monde-meilleur/100761849989225


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2 février 2011 3 02 /02 /février /2011 15:25

Through InMaLanka, the family Labry,  in Dubaihas visited the orphanage on December 26th.

 They brought to the orphanage 200kg of rice, some tea, sugar, biscuits, bread and sweets, some skirts, t-shirts, 45 pairs of slipers and nearly sixty panties. These purchases were made on their behalf at a local level. They also have brought a bag of games and clothes from Dubai





Photo: S.Labry

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29 janvier 2011 6 29 /01 /janvier /2011 03:21

After years of conflict and the tsunami of 2004, sri lankan are now the victims of devastating floods. 

Since December 2010, torrential rains swept across Sri Lanka. At the worst moment of floods nearly a million people were affected and nearly 250 kilometers of coastline flooded. 

Today, families are returned to their home. But, they often lost everything: kitchen utensils, mattresses, clothes, toys and school books ... and houses are in ruins. 

UNICEF estimates that 66,000 wells have been contaminated by flooding, leading to an increase risk of illnesses related to water.

Mostly fishermen or farmers, their livelihoods have been destroyed: fishing equipment and crops have been damaged. According to the UN, agricultural production has been severely damaged, causing increased food insecurity. The World Food Programme (WFP) estimates that about 500,000 people are victims of floods. In addition, a rise in malnutrition among children is a concern.

Many children are cut off from the school system: school supplies and furniture were damaged. 

Given the urgency faced by many inhabitants of the island, InMaLanka decided to intervene in the center of the island by distributing hygiene kits (towels, soap products ....), basic products and milk powder for children.

To carry out this action, we need you! Even a small donation can help!

Feel free to contact us by email to welcome@inmalanka.org for more information.

If you wish to donate, thank you address to the Paris-order InMaLanka

22 bis, rue Saint Fargeau

75020 Paris


If you are currently in Sri Lanka and wanted to make a donation, thank you email us, we will put you in touch with our coordinator who is responsible for a harvest of field equipment. 


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1 octobre 2010 5 01 /10 /octobre /2010 14:10

On May 2010, Cyclone Laila hit the Indian coasts and pouring rains beat down on Sri Lanka.

The damages caused by the cyclone could not leave InMaLanka cold. The NGO decided to intervene in Sri Lanka in the orphanage of Kigalle.

Thanks to your donations, the destructed electric system was completely repaired. More, essential foodstuffs and vital items as well as basic emergency kits were provided.


We thank you for your help.

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25 septembre 2009 5 25 /09 /septembre /2009 16:47

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25 septembre 2009 5 25 /09 /septembre /2009 16:45

Saturday, July 11th, meeting with the staff of the girl's orphanage of Kegalle, Sri Lanka, with whom Buddhima, coordinator of activities in Sri Lanka, had an initial contact in May.
This interview allowed us to establish a closer relationship between our two teams and set some programs on this place.

The orphanage currently accommodates 29 young girls aged 4 to 18 years, supervised by a 7 persons team. They are all going to school and are healthy. They have a maths and english tution every week. Girls are going at the same school, located to 3.5 kilometers  far from the orphanage.
There are many needs there, starting with the food. Indeed, the food supply is running on a system of grants and when the surrounding villagers can not provide it, it runs out. Problem particularly important in this period of crisis where food prices have doubled or even tripled for some goods. Therefore we decided to establish a program consisting of intake of food basis monthly (rice, milk powder, oil ....).
Milk powder and 150kg of rice, corresponding to the base of 1'740 meals and 2'400 glasses of milk, enough food for a month, were brought during our visit. Buddhima take care to make these same purchases every month.
We are currently investigating the possibility of creating a kitchen garden to ensure the food security of the orphanage, the garden is already supplied with fruit.

Another important point is the water. Indeed, the place is connected to a water point but the pump system is not powerful enough. To wash the children have to go to take water from a well who is quite far and have to take the shower out with their clothes. It seems urgent to provide an engine powerful enough to allow a supply of running water and build an enclosure for the children to wash in privacy. The electrical system is very damaged and must be given to safety standards soon.
In terms of personal development, we think about organize music classes and do two trips a year on cultural sites or organize competitions in literature and drawing.

To answer to all these needs we will launch a nutrition and education program and apply for grants for more specific actions such as construction of the bathroom or purchase of school shoes.

Almost all missing here, so we also rely on your generosity.
Keep in mind that here one euro buys 2 kg and a half of rice and every gesture, even a very small one, means a lot!

For more information, you can contact us by email at
welcome@inmalanka.org or at (00) (33) (0) 6 20 28 68 50. 
If you want to send us donations, thank you to use checks endorsable in France and make your checks payable to InMaLanka Paris and send them to
22bis, rue Saint - Fargeau
75020 Paris
Otherwise please contact us!

Thank you for following us!
See you soon
InMaLanka's Team

August, 8th

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